Smart Grinder makes other grafts obsolete

The Smart Dentin Grinder turns extracted teeth into the highest quality and most cost-effective autogenous graft. read more...

MIMI®-Flapless - Minimally Invasive Method of Implantation

The periosteum-preserving Minimally Invasive Method of Implantation (MIMI®-Flapless), which is the method we prefer to apply, is not in contradiction with the conventional implantation method, but it compensates it.
Biological Implantology
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The Gold Standard for bone graft

… is autologous bone graft that is produced from the patient’s extracted teeth in the Smart Grinder (scientific studies are available)

For patients

Higher quality of life with Champions implants: nearly painless, affordable – also in cases of narrow ridges


Dental Implants

The Champions implants are inserted minimally invasively. The implantation hardly causes any pain. While being affordable, these implants meet high health demands of patients in the field of contemporary Implantology.

Implantation Without Incisions and Sutures

More than 4,000 dental offices and clinics in Germany alone have been interested in the MIMI® Flapless procedure (minimally invasive) without mucoperiosteal flap reflection and without irreversible damage of important structures.

High Costs Mean Less Patients

You don’t have to adapt the treatment room to a surgery room, nor do you have to invest in an expensive surgical kit to place Champions implants. Many patients appreciate this time - and cost-saving treatment.

Champions-Implants in IDS 2017

Champions VIP-ZM Symposium - 2017

New in Champions-Store: The Smart Dentin Grinder

The extracted teeth of your patients are the best autologous grafts!